The Art of Dan Fionte
Deer Island, Merrimack River, Amesbury
oil on canvas
This painting is my submission for the 2014 New Paint! art auction for the Essex Art Center in Lawrence Massachusetts.

Deer Island is a small but well known island in the middle of the Merrimack river, on the edge of the town of Amesbury just before heading into the city of Newburyport. I have always loved the rock outcropping and clinging cypress trees on the north/west side of the island.

If you want a chance to view and purchase the painting, it will be hanging at the Stevens Estate in North Andover Tuesday through Friday ( June 3rd - June 6th ) and will be sold at the live "New Paint!" auction on Friday night. The gala event is always a lot of fun, tickets can be purchased in advance through the Essex Art Center website or at the door.
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